Switchgear & Electrical Control Panel Builders

Fast, efficient and reliable end-to-end mains upgrade services from the Cable Gang.

If your electrical requirements have changed and you’re looking to upgrade your mains for a higher electrical load, the Cable Gang team provides end-to-end solutions.

Our services range from initial survey and recommendations through to design, installation, test and commissioning of switchgear. Our specialist cable pulling teams can also manage that vital aspect of the job, providing you with fast, efficient and reliable completion schedules with minimal downtime.

Switchgear both controls and protects electrical equipment. The Cable Gang team designs and manufactures bespoke equipment to match individual project requirements, for commercial and industrial applications. Our electrical control panel systems are made to fit in your factory or building. This ensures that housings match defined spaces and deliver optimum performance into the future.

Cable Gang switchgear systems offer advanced levels of quality control with implementation to the highest safety standards

  • We focus on modern solutions matched to individual environments and applications. We can meet your demands for extra power across low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage
  • We design systems bespoke to your individual requirements
  • With switchgear and cable pulling capabilities sourced through a single provider, we’re fast and dependable
  • Our electrical control panels are manufactured in-house to the highest specifications

With all aspects of the service under one roof, we provide fast, efficient, flexible and reliable end-to-end solutions.

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