Pulling Cable for Data Highways

Cable pulling is often about other services in addition to power supplies. A recent project completed by The Cable Gang involved pulling multicore fibre cabling to carry critical data for a railway maintenance depot in the South West.

Fibre cable installation over longer distances

The cables were to be pulled through a selection of different sections of ductwork, some existing and some new. This was a challenging project involving significant lengths of fibre cabling over a distance of some 1.5 kilometres across the site, passing in and out of various manholes.

Overcoming the problems of collapsed ducts

Working to a very tight time schedule, the Cable Gang team faced a number of issues including obstructed and collapsed ducts, plus the complications of working on a construction site around other trades, involving inter-trade cooperation. As a working rail site with both freight and passenger trains, this was also a controlled area for health and safety reasons, limiting access and area availability.

Knowledge and expertise plays an important role in successful cable pulling projects. The Cable Gang used techniques perfected during earlier cable pulling installations for challenging applications such as supplying power for an MRI scanner located on the top floor of a hospital in London and maintaining power to production lines in commercial environments.

The Cable Gang successfully pulled over 1.5 kilometres of fibre cable installation to meet the specifications of the project, completing the contract on time and to budget.

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